Neele Marie Denker
Spatial Practice & Curation


Kiel 2018

Neele Marie Denker, Jana Lehning, Thies Warnke

Raum04 (15 min. immersive spatial performance with 2 channel beamer projection; 3 geometric bodies in a ratio of 3 to 1; PVC bag; fog; LED strip; sound installation; printed manifest) is a hybrid format between exhibition and performance, between work and process. Rhizome, a key concept of modern philosophy, forms the basis of Raum04, as well as on the theoretical and pictorial levels. The rhizome, a labyrinth without beginning, without end. A system of detours, a place of random events and encounters, characterized by inner endlessness. Dissolution and multiplication form spatial extensions. The idea of a three-dimensional, static space is broken up, liquefied, and expanded into a multidimensional structure. Raum04 takes up this image of space instead of starting from an interior and exterior space, the focus is on the relation between the spaces.