Neele Marie Denker
Spatial Practice & Curation

FUGE. Zwischen Übermorgen und Gestern

Museum Ulm 2021


The exhibition FUGE. Zwischen Übermorgen und Gestern of the interdisciplinary network INTER- takes up the principle of the fugue as a method of insertion and connection to negotiate the relationship between individual and group in exhibition production. The fugue refers to the polyphony of the network: the different contexts and artistic or theoretical disciplines of the individual actors.

For the exhibition, the nine artists, designers, and theoreticians from a wide range of disciplines developed site-specific works that fit into the architectural and thematic interstices of the museum: Sometimes they take up fragments of images from historical works in the collection in order to develop them further, alienate them or reinterpret them; sometimes they appear unexpectedly in the corridors or corners of the museum spaces and other times they serve to open the museum spaces to urban space, to participation or assembly. As an intervention in the historical collection, the exhibition blurs different temporalities. At the same time, FUGE. is a plea for permeability and diversity instead of straightforwardness and stringency; a space for free imagination and participation: objects can be climbed, used, or even taken along.

Drafts and sketches, as well as supplementary material and continuations of the exhibition content, made into a publication by Sabrina Podemski and Neele Denker in collaboration with the Düsseldorf based Salat Magazin.

A group show with INTER-
Oliver Arendt, Anne Diestelkamp, Rike Droescher, LYCS Kollektiv, Maryna Makarenko, Philipp Christoph Mayer, Sabrina Podemski, Paulina Seyfried, Julian Westermann

Cooperation with, Museum Ulm

photo credit: Oleg Kauz