Neele Marie Denker
Spatial Practice & Curation

Eine kollektive Geste

Museum Ulm 2021

A group show with INTER-
Oliver Arendt, Anne Diestelkamp, Rike Droescher, LYCS Kollektiv, Maryna Makarenko, Philipp Christoph Mayer, Sabrina Podemski, Paulina Seyfried, Julian Westermann

For the exhibition FUGE. Zwischen √úbermorgen und Gestern, Neele Denker inaugurated an open space in the heart of the institution next to the permanent collection. The new meeting place, reading space, and lounge for neighbors, travelers, and museum staff provides a place to read, pause, work, or speak with others.

The installation thus places the social function of the museum - as a place of encounter, discourse, or simply time out from everyday life - at the center of its work. Through workshops and events, the space invites visitors to actively participate in shaping the museum space and using it through a variety of offerings. The work is thus a work-in-progress, the use and appropriation is open to the public.

A cooperation with, Museum Ulm together with INTER-

photo credit: Oleg Kauz