Neele Marie Denker
Spatial Practice & Curation

E/A 2020: Annual Exhibition

Kiel 2020

Neele Marie Denker, Paula Koch, Jonas Fischer, Leo Sell, Benjamin Unterluggauer, Maren Zünkler, Sören Herber and many more

Due to COVID-19, the graduation show of the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design had to adapt. Instead of being centralized around the campus, the many events, exhibitions, and performances were held around the city of Kiel, Germany. Together with Paula Koch, Neele Denker curated the exhibition concept, which focuses on alternative exhibition venues in digital and public spaces with around 50 exhibition places. Locations of encounter were not only the city's well-known exhibition venues but also newly discovered urban niches, where art and design could take place for the first time. Many billboards around the city were rented as extra exhibition space.
Additionally, the digital exhibition featured an interactive map of all the physical exhibitions, a project archive, and a podcast section. The podcasts can still be listened to on YouTube.

The catalog showcases students' projects from all the majors.

A conversation with Neele Marie Denker and Paula Koch about their work as exhibition directors under special and new conditions.

photo credit: Sören Herber, Louise Preuß